Our process

“Bangalore is our station, the hub of premium international leather production.” All manufacturing processes are done in our own facilities - from tanning to sewing. We source distinguished, peerless leather from our very own tannery accredited with the International Gold Certification by LWG. Leathers are tanned responsibly in a facility that treats effluents and a modern effluent treatment plant ensures zero discharge compliance. The quality management system, complying with international standard assures the professionalism and the social responsibility of the team.

Quality, research, innovation, technological development, attention to the safety of the employees and the environment are the goals the brand has been pursuing every day. Nature is respected so that you get to wear guilt-free fashion & feel proud about it. Staffed with motivated and qualified craftspeople, RICA assures that the garments they sell is ethical. The design team has several years of experience in forecasting trends and coming up with great designs.